Anna Triandafyllidou

Anna Triandafyllidou

26 June 2020

Toronto Metropolitan University

Anna Triandafyllidou holds the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Migration and Integration at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) in Canada. She held previously a Robert Schuman Chair at the European University Institute, where she directed the research area on Cultural Pluralism, at the EUI’s Global Governance Programme. She is the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies []. Anna is also chairs the IMISCOE Editorial Committee, and is a member of the IMISCOE Board of Directors.

Her recent books include: Migrants with Irregular Status in Europe (Springer, with S. Spencer, 2020), Migration and Globalisation Handbook (E. Elgar, ed. 2018); The Problem of Religious Diversity: European Challenges, Asian Approaches (with T. Modood, ed. Edinburgh University Press, 2018); Multicultural Governance in a Mobile World (ed. Edinburgh University Press, 2018), Global Governance from Regional Perspectives (Oxford University Press, ed., 2017); The Routledge Handbook of Immigration and Refugee Studies (Routledge, ed. 2016). She is the author of What is Europe? (with R. Gropas, Palgrave, 2015) and Migrant Smuggling. Irregular Migration from Asia and Africa to Europe (with T. Maroukis, 2015, Palgrave). She has recently edited two Special Issues: Beyond Irregular Migration Governance: Zooming in On Migrants’ Agency, European Journal of Migration and Law, 2017, Complex and dynamic integration processes in Europe: intra EU mobility and international migration in times of recession, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Hans-Jörg Trenz & Anna Triandafyllidou, 2017. She also coordinates two blogging spaces: Pandemic Borders and Global Extremes.

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