Cláudio Pinheiro

Cláudio Pinheiro

27 June 2020

Rio de Janeiro Federal University

Cláudio Costa Pinheiro, Professor of Asian and African Studies, at the Institute of History, Rio de Janeiro Federal University (UFRJ), Brazil and the Chairman of Sephis Programme (South-South Exchange Programme for the Research on the History of Development). PhD in Social Anthropology (UFRJ), Postdoc Delhi University in History. He has a PhD from Rio de Janeiro Federal University and a Postdoc from Campinas State University, both in Anthropology. Presently an International Scholar at the University of Cologne (2017-18), Prof. Pinheiro has also been Fellow at Re:work (IGK Arbeit und Lebenslauf in Globalgeschischtlicher Perspektive, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, 2015-16), and Visiting Scholar and/or Professor at the Free University (Berlin, 2012-13), the Goa University (Panjim, 2006), the University of Calcutta (Kolkata, 2005), the University of Delhi (2005), the Center for the Study of Developing Societies (New Delhi, 2005), the University of Lisbon (Lisbon, 2003), and at Bukkyo University (Kyoto, 2001-2).

He works in the interfaces between History, Anthropology and Sociology. His research interests include colonialism and its durable effects, particularly concerning knowledge production and circulation, politics of language and epistemology, with regards to the institutionalization of power, comparing Asia (particularly India) and Latin America. He has done anthropological fieldwork investigations in India, Brazil and Japan and historical archival research in Brazil, India, Portugal and The Netherlands.

Recent Publications include

Costa Pinheiro & Vermeulen, Han. 2018 (Guest Editors). German-speaking Anthropological Traditions in Latin America. In: Revista de Antropologia Journal. São Paulo (all articles in English language), ISSN 2236-7527 (Print) ISSN 2238-3875 (on-line). Costa Pinheiro, Buarque de Hollanda, B. Maia, J. 2016a. Métodos e Modos de Leitura com Textos Literários. (Methods and manners of reading literature) Rio de Janeiro: FGV. 175p. [ISBN: 978-85-225-1847-0] Costa Pinheiro. 2018c. Unhomely Afterlives: The Works and Lives of Rabindranath Tagore. In: Williams, James & Hentschke, Felicitas (eds). To be at Home. House, Work, and Self in the Modern World. Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter, pp. 210–218 [ISBN: 978-3-11-058276-5] Costa Pinheiro. 2018a. Os contornos de uma África Brasileira em Ciência e Tecnologia: Geografias Morais do Desenvolvimento e Cooperação Internacional. In: Martín, Eloísa & Göebel, Barbara. Geopolíticas do Conhecimento. Desigualdades interdependentes, circulação do conhecimento, e espaços de negociação na academia. Berlin/Rio de Janeiro: Ibero Amerikanisches Institut/Sette Letras, 81-107 [ISBN: 978-85-421-0674-9] Costa Pinheiro. 2017a. Modernity and the artifices of Place-making. The relevance of the BRICS to contemporary Social Sciences. In: AEGS – Annual of European and Global Studies, n. 4, June/July 2017. Guest Editor Dr. Peter Wagner [ISBN 978-1-4744-2324 -3, hardback].