Ismintha Waldring

Ismintha Waldring

27 June 2020

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

My name is Ismintha Waldring. I was born in Surinam but have spent my life in the Netherlands since I was 2 years old. I went to primary and secondary school in Amsterdam and studied Social and Organizational Psychology at the University of Leiden. My Master research was on diversity management and intercultural communication within the Dutch Police Force.

Since finishing my studies I’ve worked at the VU University as a research assistant and teacher.

I did my PhD on the Pathways to Success research among the Turkish and Moroccan second generation in the two largest cities in the Netherlands: Amsterdam and Rotterdam. For ELITES I did research among second generation Turkish – upcoming – elites in the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and France.

I am now a Post-Doc in the BAM project, on people of native descent who are Becoming A Minority in many big North-European cities.

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